Artline Studio & Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia Commercial, the world-renowned brand known for bold, colorful pattern in the hospitality industry, introduces its first-ever art collection in collaboration with Artline Group’s new studio-level brand, Artline Studio.

From colorful abstract pattern to bold tropical prints, the pieces in this introductory collection are expressive and playful, yet sophisticated. An eclectic mix of materials like silver and bronze aluminum, textural watercolor paper, organic wood, and silk give each piece a unique, one-of-a-kind feel.


Superbloom adds a sense of warmth to the space with backlit, wooden flowers. The playfully oversized poppies are layered upon geometric line work to create a structured, three-dimensional look. 


Inspired by the visualization of soundwaves, Electromagnetic showcases organic lines and undulating forms in an electrically vibrant color scheme.  Tonal shapes are texturized on silver aluminum, adding a sense of dimension to this unique piece. 

A delicately abstract piece, Mirage features a blend of rich, deep hues, producing a sense of fluidity and movement. On a smooth, silk ground, Mirage adds elevated appeal to any space.

An abundance of plants and exotic birds surround smaller scale palms, creating a surreal composition in Paradisco. This piece features a black and white color scheme paired with hues of electric purple and tropical turquoise on textural watercolor paper.

Showcasing artisan-inspired materials, Prismatic utilizes the innovative crafting method of nail and wire, adding a three-dimensional aspect to this piece. Colorful hexagons printed on a natural wood reflect the shapes formed by the connecting wires. (Depicted as a print)

Majestic butterflies are are seemingly camouflaged amongst bold botanicals on a textural watercolor paper. Transporting you to an exotic place, Rainflorist is inspired by a lively, tropical atmosphere with an unexpectedly vibrant color palette.

Rhythm & Blues
Painterly white brush strokes crisscross over an ink-washed, indigo ground in Rhythm & Blues. Divided into twelve hand-torn pieces, Rhythm & Blues has an expressionistic quality with unique flair.

Urban Jungle
Take it from the tropics to the concrete jungle with monochromatic botanicals on a worn, newsprint ground. Expressing a mixed material inspired aesthetic, Urban Jungle gives off a highly contrasted feel that blends these two different styles.

A triptych, Dynasty features gallery wrapped canvas layered beautifully with gold foil embellishments and textural paint.


In this mesmerizing piece, Wavelength fuses bright color with rainbow-like pattern. Wavy forms overlap one another in a three dimensional, layered acrylic in a high-gloss finish. 

Funky groupings of wooden motifs create an intriguing composition in Dendros. Uniting organic linework and amorphous shapes, this piece features a minimal, yet high-contrast color scheme. 

Cloud Path
Dreamy, soft-sunlit clouds drift among the man-made contrails of cruising aircrafts within Cloud Path creating an abstract vision of wonder.
Archipelagos layers ocean-toned shades of blue atop earthy wood textures, abstracting the vision of an island getaway, from a plane window.
Routes of laser cut lines intersect in Contrail, illustrating the phenomenon of linear clouds bursting across the sky, sketching an intricate path in the atmosphere.
View from Above
Shifting visual perspective from the ground to the air, View from Above, is inspired by the stunning aerial images of progressive crop circle through the haze of billowing clouds.
Playful, yet simplistic, Sundial is a geometrical and stylized interpretation of the shadows which arise and shift as the sun progresses through the sky.
Geometrically fractured pools of serene pastels collide to create a point of focus amidst the dynamic hustle of Departure.

Experience the aesthetically beautiful, yet abstract visions of nature through Takeoff. Capturing the vastness of the earth’s dynamic ebb and flow of sea to land, Takeoff is a digital depiction of satellite-inspired imagery with a stylistic twist.
Turbo embodies the energetic hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps.
Chart your Course
Intersecting and diverging blocks of color create a sequence of pathways in Chart Your Course, mapping points of origin and destination.
Along the Coast
Multi-toned blue geometrics in exaggerated repetition compose Along the Coast, a whimsical representation of the ultimate destination.

Swift streams of electric color morph together as they speed past in Jet. Embodying the rapid whirlwind of natural elements flying by during transit.

An optical and enchanting kaleidoscope of color, Daybreak conjures the spectrum of fragmented hues experienced as the sun builds the morning sky.
Circuit experiments with color blocking and line, constructing a playful dynamic in this nine-piece large-scaled print.
Cruising Altitude
Capturing the essence of ascension, Cruising Altitude evokes a feeling of pure contentment, morphing vibrant color into a calming equilibrium.
Soft cloud trails paint vivid images among the dusk in Skywriting, an embodiment of the ever-shifting atmosphere.
Muted hexagonal forms layered over time like ink in a passport, Stamped simplifies the physical signifiers of a well-traveled lifestyle.
Window Seat
Patches of multicolored landscape gently overlap into a grid-like pattern in Window Seat, an abstracted collage of visions from above.

The complexity of darkness is illuminated by the glowing core of dense urban cities with Nightlights, a contemporary translation of topographical images taken during nightfall.